Our Story

El Negma for Marble and Granite, natural stone quarrying company with business experience over than 15 years.
We explore the earth‘s richest mineral deposits in search for the finest natural stone, our hard work have resulted in producing unique beauty various marble colors, we have pride in what we present to the global market from our own quarries located in various countries around the globe.
We have African quarries including Egypt producing range of distinctive colors and textures with quantities sufficient enough to meet growing demand.
We offer blocks and slabs in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and surface-finishes.
Our office is based in Egypt which considered the largest African marble and granite, the hub of the African continent and the platform to the global markets.

Our Products

We offer our own range of marble, granite and natural stone colors; as well we are constantly busy through engagement in the fieldwork at various quarries around the globe to select the best types of marble and granite.We inspect our products to insure presenting high quality products.We have all product’s technical data sheets, through certified laboratories.We analyze our products through certified high technology laboratories.

Enigma White marble,Enigma Pearl marble ,Enigma Gold marble,Enigma Gold VC marble,Enigma Beige marble,Enigma Beige VC marble,Enigma Ash Black marble and Enigma Ash Black VC marble


A Sample Of Our Products

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